Tweezers As Instruments In Watch Making

Tweezers As Instruments In Watch Making

Anti magnetic steel tweezers are special because they can be utilized to hold elements which may be magnetic in nature and with out risk of damaging or inducing magnetic properties. Dumont Tweezers décolletage petites et moyennes séries Geneva shape - thick is a tweezer mannequin that's made out of anti magnetic steel. It has a thick tip which can be used to grip slightly massive components. The Dumont Tweezer Positive Tip model made of high high quality anti magnetic steel is designed to be used with very small parts. The Dumonth Tweezers come in several numbers to indicate the tip dimension; underneath every number they additional could have nice tip, sturdy tip, extra tremendous tip etc. The Dumont Tweezers No-1 has a strong and perfect finish. It's made of high quality steel that has anti magnetic properties. In the number 2 model, there is a superb tip that is robust and can be utilized for effective points. The number 3, 4 and 5 models have very wonderful tips excellent for working with hairsprings. The number 6 and 7 fashions have fine but bent suggestions suitable for particular components that may have odd shapes.

Dumont Tweezers made of carbon metal are additionally available for particular uses. Dumont Tweezers No 10B has a particular tip for the curving centre of hairsprings. The number eleven has tips coated with Nickel which might be very strong. Dumont No 15 tweezer is used for marking of hairsprings while 15A is specifically used for reducing hair springs. The Dumont No 8 Tweezers are specifically designed for straightening pivots. The SS model Dumont Tweezers has slender and advantageous points nicely suited for use with all method of tiny components.

The Bergeon Plastic Tweerzers are made for use with batteries to prevent them from brief circuiting during dealing with as it is non-conductive in nature. It is used by professionals and beginner watch makers on any components that would doubtlessly short. It has a advantageous tip and it has a flat and non-corrugated design. There are generic plastic tweezers which might be also meant for battery handling. They have ridges and corrugated tips with a positive tip.

There are specialist tweezers for special needs. Beading Tweezers 1 is made from stainless metal, has a flush fit, flat foot and a good grip. 2 has 2 mm bowls. 3 is made of heavy duty metal and has 3 mm open bowls. four has a three mm flat nostril while 5 has a sorting shoe at rear end and has a 6 mm foot. Bergeon Tweezers are available for mainspring greasing with or without fibre tips, for holding balance and cap jewels, high quality tip tweezers with magnifier fitted, soldering tweezers and diamond tweezers with shovel. Tweezers also come as units with totally different sized tweezers and totally different tips positioned in a box for simple storage and retrieval.

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