The Narcissist - A Lifetime Of Duplicitous Treachery

The Narcissist - A Lifetime Of Duplicitous Treachery

Beneath the disarming facade and mesmerizing charm, the narcissist is calculating his subsequent successful moves. Whether or not personal or professional, he/she is always centered on enhancing his image, power, reach and materials largesse. Associateships are leveraged to put him in a higher social and professional tier of power and influence. Narcissists are single minded and ruthless in achieving their goals. They act without mercy, compassion, or empathy. It's not unusual for them to purposely marry someone who will present them with social access to the accoutrements that these venues provide. Marriage is an arrangement, a business deal. Narcissists are likely to marry numerous instances, have many boyfriends/girlfriends and pursue different intimate relationships and flings on the side.

Narcissists are often treacherous in their personal and business dealings. "Treachery is a profound betrayal of belief that causes grave hurt to a different human being." Treachery is a brutal double-cross. Without conscience or guilt, the narcissist is free to deal with individuals as puppets in his life drama.

In business the narcissist is brutal and predatory. Many narcissists are highly litigious. They have small armies of attorneys available to sue these whom they understand are obstacles to their objectives whether or not it's rational, moral, ethical or legal. If they are high-degree narcissists who have enjoyed worldly success, they're able to intimidate even those that have legitimate authorized grievances in opposition to them. With their monetary heft they use clever lawyers who find the authorized loophole that may win their case. If the injured party will not back off, the narcissist will counter-sue his adversary. The aggrieved individual is left with out recourse. He is unable to take the financial risk of a lengthy court docket battle and an unknown verdict.

Of their personal lives, narcissists psychologically and monetarily abuse their families, leaving wives/husbands, mistresses, boyfriends, girlfriends, and children to fend for themselves. They typically conceal their assets from ex-wives and ex-husbands and their children by cleverly inserting them in off-shore investments. Narcissists are unconcerned concerning the extreme psychological and monetary consequences of their treacherous behaviors. They've moved on to create another life that can fulfill their grandiose dreams.

It's difficult for many individuals to consider that some human beings might be so calculating, so treacherous. The narcissist test realized from childhood that human penalties do not matter, that the emotions of others are immaterial, that everyone is expendable. Creating an awareness and understanding of the dynamics of the narcissistic personality disorder is a sensible decision.

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